Lake Areas

Except as otherwise provided, no individual using a Lake, if any, has the right to cross another Lot or trespass upon shoreline \lot within a Common Area owned by the Association, subject to the rights of the Declarant, the Association, their employees, heirs, successors and assigns as set forth in the , Declaration. No one shall do or permit any action or activity which could result ih pollution of any Lake, diversion of water, elevation of any Lake level, earth disturbance resulting in silting or any other conduct which could result in an adverse effect upon water quality, drainage or proper Lake Management except as provided in the Declaration. A Lake may not be used for swimming, ice skating, boating, or for any other purpose, except for drainage of the Property, unless expressly and specifically approved by the Board of Directors in writing and allowed by law. Lakes and Lake Areas may or may not exist on the Property, and the reference throughout this Declaration to Lakes and Lake Areas is made in order to address Lakes and Lake Areas, if any, which now exist or are later constructed upon the Property. The installation on the Property of any Lake or Lake Area shall be within the sole discretion of the Declarant, and under no circumstances shall the Declarant be required or obligated to install any Lake or Lake Area. Only the Declarant and the Association shall have the right to store items of develop recreational facilities upon any Common Area owned by the Association adjacent to a Lake.